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Accurate project scheduling is critical to the success of any project. Projects are judged on three criteria: time, quality and cost. The schedule is the tool used to allocate and monitor the project time. In order to create a schedule that accurately reflects the project, each piece or “project activity” must be organized, tracked and maintained throughout the duration of the project.

A properly prepared schedule answers the questions of WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE for all involved parties. Wichman Construction uses the Critical Path Method (CPM) for project scheduling. All design documents are analyzed, the project superintendents and key subcontractors are consulted and long lead items are identified and allowed for. The preconstruction design and engineering are broken into critical milestones and scheduled with input from the management team members. The preconstruction phase is dovetailed into the construction phase of the project to create a roadmap that all the team members can utilize from start to finish. 

Once construction begins, the master project schedule is supplemented and maintained with short-term working schedules created weekly by the project superintendents. The master schedule is updated monthly to accurately reflect the progress of the work.