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Many factors play into the successful development of a project.  Hands-on experience, communication and a team approach help Wichman Construction meet the project demands of quality.  The internal project team of the Estimator, Project Manager and Superintendent work together to fulfill the project needs. Prior to construction, the project team has an in-house “turn-over” meeting to ensure the Superintendent has a thorough understanding of the project parameters. The Project Manager supplies the Superintendent with a full overview of the project and a detailed scope of work including: estimate/chart-of-accounts, master project schedule, project contact list and a complete set of plans and specifications.  The superintendent and the project manager then work together to successfully complete the project.

Construction in Progress
To assure quality, we rely on contractual agreements, audits, daily inspections and daily reports.  Management of these as well as purchase orders, schedule, pay requests, change orders, Owner and Architect communications are all project manager responsibilities.  The Project Manager is authorized to make decisions, commitments, agreements, etc., for Wichman Construction that are necessary in the course of the project, while neither the superintendent nor project manager has the authority to alter or diverge from the plans or specifications without Architect, Engineer or Owner approval. 

The Project Superintendent has full authority and responsibility for the daily operations of the project including planning, coordination and communication between the subcontractors, vendors and company employees. He works closely with the subcontractors to monitor safety, quality control, schedule, plans, specifications, construction means and methods for compliance to established procedures.

All team members monitor the project.  Onsite activities are documented by the Superintendent’s Daily Reports, which are reviewed by the Project Manager.  The Project Manager inspects the project site weekly for compliance with proper construction practice and adherence to the project schedule. The inspections are documented in the Project Manager’s Weekly Journal Reports, which are reviewed by the company’s principle, Mike Wichman.  Mike visits the projects on a regular, unannounced, basis to inspect the projects. As the primary estimator, he is well informed with the project scope of work. 

Project Closeout
Closeout documents are submitted to the Owner at the completion of the project, They include but are not limited to:

* As Built Construction Documents
* Operating and maintenance manuals
* Subcontractor/vendor warranties
* Warranty procedure letter
* General contractor warranty
* Certificate of Substantial Completion
* Contractors Affidavit of final payment
* Lien Waivers
* Project contact list
* Test & balance reports
* Shop drawings
* Misc. submittals