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Preconstruction services

From the first contact and initial concept Wichman Construction exercises due diligence in evaluating the feasibility of the project and cost effective recommendations to the owner.  Owner involvement and control is central to construction management. Equipped with information, the owner is able to make intelligent decisions about cost, schedule, and other important aspects of their project.  Our preconstruction services are designed to provide this information. Our preconstruction services include: 

Project Identification- Wichman Construction assists the owner in defining the project parameters though identifying the project objectives, scope and plan, including specific requirements for budget and scheduling.  Objectives and direction are established as soon as possible, along with establishing the construction management team and the roles of each team member.  Project identification is an ongoing process.  As the project progresses through each phase of development, we are constantly monitoring, reviewing and updating projections for the schedule and budget.

Budget Development-Based on preliminary architectural plans, the initial budget gives the owner accurate information on which to evaluate the project’s feasibility.  Building systems, construction methods and cost parameters are defined. As the scope of project definition increases, so does the level of detail within the budget.

Value Engineering-Value Engineering is one tool to maintain the project within its budget.  The involvement and continual communication between all team members assures the greatest value engineering possible.  Throughout the preconstruction phase, Wichman Construction will review and reevaluate building systems and construction methods for cost effectiveness and suitability.  We can offer material substitutions, design modifications and constructability alternatives. Our technical experience, relationships with vendors and suppliers, input from engineers, consultants and the owner and architect are our established resources of value engineering.

Estimating/Bid Development-Estimating can vary from conceptual estimates to hard bid or a guaranteed maximum price.  Wichman Construction uses prior experience, reliable subcontractor resources and computer modeling to provide accurate cost information.  We manage the bid process - evaluating and selecting experienced subcontractors according to the needs of the project